About R&G

R&G was founded in February 1992 by Rosie Oldham, BS, RN, LNCC. With a background in Nursing Administration, Risk Management and Quality Improvement, Ms. Oldham established R&G as a logical transition from hospital-based nursing to a free-standing consulting firm equipped to review and analyze hospital policies, procedures and medically related nuances relevant to litigation. 

Since inception, R&G has maintained appropriate numbers of degreed, licensed, specialized and experienced Nurse Analysts (employees and contractors) to meet the needs of any size project. 

  • Mass tort litigation support to include toxic tort and product liability 
  • Personal injury claims in a succinct format that leads to skillful case settlements 
  • Adverse event reporting 
  • Fraud billing / coding analysis 

The most effective project management has been with the inclusion of both Defense and Plaintiff firms supporting R&G’s oversight to include record retrieval, evidence retrieval and patient interviews.   

Any and all projects deliverable are customizable to best meet the clients’ needs.