Choosing A Record Retrieval Company

Tip #1

Select a Reputable Medical Record Retrieval Company with Electronic Online Tracking

Initial strategic planning for case preparation with record access must include the selection of a reputable, quality-driven record retrieval company.  Attempting this process in-house can be time consuming and cumbersome.

A record retrieval company should not just retrieve the records in a timely manner, it is critical that they provide real time tracking of the status of records. Once obtained, the records should be organized into the proper sequence prior to scanning and Bates numbering.

If outsourced to the right retrieval company, this process can cut costs in case preparation.  In-house staff will be available to support the preparation of cases rather than shuffling through boxes of papers.

The organized records are then scanned, Bates-numbered and uploaded to an electronic on line data base available to clients 24/7.  Electronic records eliminate the costs associated with shipping paper records to various offices and medical Experts.  Access is immediate when time is of the essence.  In today’s mobile world, being able to access and read case records and work products after office hours or while commuting is vital.  The records can also be downloaded and saved to a secure location for off-line viewing.

This service should not require an additional software purchase by the firm.  Ideally the firm can utilize an existing universal electronic platform provided.  Be aware that some retrieval companies charge access, “per click” or archiving fees to law firms so the costs can add up quickly.  Be sure to select a company that provides this access as a value-added service.


Updated and Edited: September 2015 by Catherine Beasley, MS, BSN, LNCC
Peg Crowell, MS, RN, APRN-BC, LNCC. Originally printed December, 2005

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