Pam Showers

Pam Showers, Chief Operating Officer
Pam Showers, Chief Operating Officer

Pam Showers began work with R&G in 2008 adeptly learning Time Slips™ our billing software program and she quickly moved into the Director of Finance position overseeing the day to day finance operations for R&G.

Prior to joining the R&G, Ms. Showers held finance management positions with a large Realty/Land Development Corporation in Phoenix and she also worked at a large national bank chain in the consumer loan division. Ms Showers received her degree in business at Glendale Community College.

In her years with R&G, Ms. Showers has shown exemplary leadership qualities and has assisted the executive team with upgrades to the Case Management Data Base system by working with our programmer to import time directly into our billing soft ware.

Ms. Showers has provided support to the Human Resource department since 2010 with new hires, clinical documentation tracking, “on-boarding” new RN contractors as well as testing, training and mentoring new hires into the role of Document Specialist.

She has taken an active role in public relations and the marketing promotions of new services to our clients. Ms. Showers has successfully marketed Legal Nurse Consulting services and Record Retrieval services. She also developed the auditing process for Medical Claims Reviews which assists clients with Medicare and secondary insurance issues.

Ms. Showers has been instrumental in the development of bench marking time spent producing our work products to assure reasonable costs to our clients.

Due to her extensive knowledge of R&G process, as well as her dedication to quality improvement at all levels of operations, Ms. Showers was appointed Chief Operating Officer of R&G in March 2019. As COO of R&G, she is responsible for managing the day to day operations by providing leadership that mirrors the core values of R&G.