Empowering clients with expedient and comprehensive document management and medical legal consulting services

Since 1992, R&G has assisted clients in the resolution of challenges associated with the management of high case volume logistics – including facilitating aggregate litigation, deposition preparation, alternative dispute resolution and settlement.  As a leader and pioneer in the litigation support field, we offer full service, one-stop legal nurse consulting services combined with comprehensive document retrieval and scanning services for clients – locally and internationally.

Medical Legal Consulting

How can I gain detailed and accurate insight into cases in a cost effective manner?

R&G provides services to firms of all sizes.  Services are performed by US-based registered nurses who possess both clinical nursing experience and specialized legal training. Effective partnerships between R&G and clients are facilitated through the use of Project Managers who ensure timely delivery of work products. 

Though not required, clients and Project Managers use R&G’s proprietary, secure, case tracking system to monitor project progress in real time, with the ability to access finished work products, anytime, anywhere.  All work products are customizable to meet the needs of the clients.

Using R&G litigation support services solves potential administrative inefficiencies related to review and analysis of high volume caseloads. 

Data Management

How can I manage litigation data efficiently?

Effective data management begins with the collection of quality data, utilizes secure methods for storage and retrieval, and presents meaningful results — at the right time.

R&G successfully manages high volume data through the use of assigned Project Mangers (at no additional charge ) and by using our proprietary Legal Case Management System (LCMS).

Record Retrieval

How can I obtain records?

It can take too long to obtain medical records!

Partnering with R&G for record retrieval frees the client to focus on case strategy.

R&G is noted by clients for the ability to retrieve records quickly and accurately. Records can be obtained via HIPAA compliant authorizations or subpoena.

Customized document preparation options include:
Scanning (if paper), records organization, Bates, indexing, binding, digitization, conversion and copying.  Onsite scanning is an option locally to R&G!

Some benefits of partnering with R&G for record retrieval:

  • Requests are processed within 24 hours of R&G receipt of a signed authorization.
  • R&G’s proprietary Legal Case Management System allows clients to follow the progress of the record retrieval at no extra cost.
  • Consistent follow-up calls to providers ensure timely receipt of records.

Other Services

I’d like one nurse consistently assigned to my cases on an as needed basis.  Can R&G help?

Yes!  R&G will match a highly experienced and appropriately specialized LNC to your case.  The nurse can work either on a short term or long term basis.  Client’s have direct access to their assigned nurse in order to facilitate communication.

Can records be  scanned onsite?

Scanning can be conveniently performed onsite at the location of the records and saves the time and expense associated with shipping boxes of records.

Geographic limitations may apply based on volume.

How can data be efficiently obtain from Claimants?

Claimant interviews conducted by R&G assist clients with completing questionnaires and ensuring thorough and accurate “Fact Sheets”. No project is too big or small.

How are records disposed?

Document Destruction/Shredding services are available after the completion of the scanning process or upload to the R&G database upon written authorization from the firm. Consistent with HIPAA and FACTA, the firm is supplied with a dated certificate identifying when the documents were destroyed

Are copy services available?  

Can R&G records can be copied with or without Bates numbers and can be supplied to the client with or without binding.

Can records be digitized?

Scanned records can be supplied to the client with or without Bates numbers on CD(s) or DVD(s) in the standard TIF or PDF format. Other formats consistent with leading litigation software support programs are also available. [See Document Conversion].

What other litigation support packages can be used?

Documents can be converted for export into leading litigation support packages including, Concordance, Sanction, Summation, Trial Director, etc.

Is there a way to identify fraud within the records?

Healthcare fraud analysis involves analyzing medical billing codes to uncover inaccuracies related to billed services.   

R&G can identify improper use of services and supplies, medically unnecessary services, billing for services not provided, and /or billing accuracy issues – over-billing for a higher rate. 

Legal Case Management System

R&G’s proprietary Legal Case Management System (LCMS) is an integral part of workflow management at R&G.  LCMS is a state-of-the-art database providing anytime-anywhere access to case details, retrieved medical records, and completed work products.

There are no additional fees associated with access.  All of R&G’s medical legal consulting or document management clients have the ability to:

  • Track case deadlines and status of records in real time
  • Access medical records and completed work products
  • Data is safe and private!  LCMS uses BOTH redundant storage (to protect your data in real-time) AND frequent backups (to protect data in case of disaster)
LCMS user interface sample image

Radiology Evidence Viewing

Radiology imaging often serves as proof on injury and verification of diagnosis in a case. Films and CDs can be difficult to track and manage. R&Gs secure, online picture archiving and communication system (PACs) allows clients and/or their Expert Witness to view radiology images in one location, online, in lieu of pdf / jpeg copies. Digital Imaging and communications in Medicine (DICOM) features such as video imaging and panning and digital measuring tools are included in the viewer.

Key Features

  • Digital measuring tools
  • Panning
  • CINE (video) imaging
  • Annotation
  • Light level adjustment
DICOM Sample Image

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Pam Showers

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Brian Oldham

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