Announcing: Litigation Management Series

Law firms involved in product liability cases must be well-versed in legal principles and must also be extremely organized to avoid spending needless time and money in the litigation process.  No matter on what side of the litigation table you sit, preparation is the key to successful resolution.

Complex aggregate torts, such as product liability involving thousands of cases, can quickly become an organizational challenge.  Partnering with the right organization for assistance with aggregate torts is an effective way for firms to increase internal flexibility, leverage resources, and improve cost-effectiveness.

The difficulty arises in selecting the right organization for the job.  In the coming weeks, we will explore popular areas within the legal industry for utilization of external consultants, as well as ground-breaking areas which you may not have considered.  We will provide you with some effective ways to identify internal workloads that can be eased through utilization of external resources, discuss the qualities of organizations that are likely to result in effective partnerships, and share some pointers that will help you avoid some common pitfalls in the process of engaging with external consultants.

Join us next week for the first installment in this series.

Updated and Edited: September 21, 2015 by Catherine Beasley, MS, BSN, LNCC
Peg Crowell, MS, RN, APRN-BC, LNCC. Originally printed December, 2005

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